Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Regent Work Boot

The Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Regent work boots are designed to handle unpredictable weather (both indoor and outdoor) with their premium full-grain leather construction and glossy shine. You not only end up wearing a rugged boot but also something that can be paired for leisure activities with a jeans and T-shirt. One of the best slip on boots for men, the Timberland PRO offers a professional yet protective solution for meetings, construction sites and a quick drop-in at the bar. Stretchy and pliable, these boots help keep you in step while maintaining full comfort even in wet weather. The leather is treated to naturally resist water, wind and wear over years, so you never have to worry about losing the sheen.

Treated with 3M scotchguard protectant, stains don’t stick around and designed for hospitality and restaurant workers, they are the ready-set-go kind of slip on boots for men. Just grab your attire, jump into these comfort boots and get going 7 days a week. They are lined with anti-fatigue technology and leather top collars to keep heat inside and your feet cozy. Inverted collapsible cones on the boot’s underbelly helps soften impact on the key points of your feet. Other interesting additions to the Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Regent Work Boot are anti-slip resistance, lightweight thermal plastic rubber and light weather proofing.

Some of the interesting features that make these Timberland slip on boots for men special are:

  • Rubber sole with fiberglass shanks.
  • Anti-skid technology with slip and oil resistance.
  • Flexible cement soles with leather uppers.
  • 3M Sotchgard protection against stains and SafeGrip slip resistance technology.
  • Anti-fatigue cushioning with side gore panels and rear pull loop.

The Pros

The Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Regent Work Boot looks professional and is built to last. Good quality leather construction holds up well under moderate external environments while looking sexy with the side gore panels for indoor work places. You can couple this boot with casual wear, a suit and tie or construction gear, it simply adds a unique appeal to any kind of attire. Moreover, the rugged construction outlasts most semi-casual slip on boots without losing any of its sheen over a period of 6 months. These are your go-to boots for any and every occasion when you don’t have the perfect footwear lying around. They are durable, classy looking and comfortable for 12 hour use.

The Cons

The Timberland PRO Five Star Regent Demi Slip on work boots are not your conventional work boots. They come up only till the ankles and even then offer a minimal leather protection to the under-ankle region. The boots also tend to run a bit narrow, naturally exerting some pressure on the sides. The design isn’t waterproof to trudge through water laden areas and it is more of an indoor friendly work boot for restaurant and hospitality workers. Furthermore, you can’t wear them around for a full 24 hours because of the rubbery leather construction.


If it is style with superior construction and reliable durability that you are after, the Timberland PRO Demi slip on boots will serve you well. However, for complete outdoor rugged terrain usage, day in and day out, these boots do not fit the bill. They aren’t waterproof to withstand standing water logged areas, neither are they blessed with steel toe construction, so be careful where you intend to use these boots. My advice, keep them indoors as much as possible.


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