Keen Milwaukee 6-Inch Steel Toe Work Boot Review

Contrary to popular belief, wear and tear isn’t a uniform occurrence. Just like the treads of the tire are going to thin out quicker than the bumpers, like the knees of a jeans that wear out sooner than the rest, your work boots will deteriorate unevenly. Anticipating such an uneven breakdown, the Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee 6-Inch Steel Toe Work Boot is designed with the most protection or material in areas where it is expected to be abused the most.

Up front, the Keen work boot features a 6 inch upper with brown leather accented by black Bomber toe protection that is actually waterproof and resilient to abrasions. Naturally, the uppers are going to last a really long time and the same applies to the Nubuck leather used all over that feels a lot like suede but isn’t. Moreover, the use of Nubuck leather gives it the flexibility of full grain leather without sacrificing on the feel. The entire upper region is completed with a lacing eyelets and metal hook design that speaks a lot about what to expect from the interior.

First off, your feet will rest on metatomical dual density foot beds that are ergonomically designed in accordance with the curves and bends of the human feet. Secondly, the foot beds are packed with EVA foam for cushioning and shock absorption because of which your step always remains comfortable and cushioned. Welt construction sees the upper merged with tough soles using a stitched profile that adds to the flexibility and toughness of the work boot creating a adamant bond between the non-marking rubber sole and leather. These soles are also oil-resistance and quite naturally slip resistant. They are even great for chemical workplaces. Additional safety features include electrical hazard protection and steel toe box in the front with asymmetrical designs to match that of the feet. These Keen work boots are made to handle the toughest work environments known to mankind.

Some of the interesting features that make Keen Milwaukee work boots special are:

  • Made from Nuback leather with a suede like feeling but the toughness of full grain leather.
  • Moisture resistant textile lining and infused stitched construction rubber soles.
  • Stain, water and abrasion resistant thanks to Nubuck uppers.
  • Uses lacing eyelets and locking metallic hooks.
  • Non-marking rubber outsole and fore foot flexing grooves help in preventing slips on wet and oiled surfaces.
  • Other features include EVA foot bed, dual density sole, metatomical and removable foot bed.


The Pros

A striking observation made by almost all users is that the Keen Utility Men’s 6 Inch Steel Toe breaks in really fast. In fact, most felt it warm up to their feet in just a couple of days, which is pretty awesome considering the fact that it is an aggressive work boot design with a lot of contouring. Probably it is this design element that makes these boots so comfortable to wear from the start. Moreover, the boots hold their shape and performance over a long period, some saying that their pair lasted them a good two plus years even with heavy use on rugged terrains.

The second most popular comment for the Keen Utility work boots was that it handles all kinds of surface with ease starting from concrete and mud to oil and chemical work places. Practically, this is a work boot you want to own if you aren’t sure of what kind of surface you will be tackling in the future.

Finally, the presence of steel toe and a thicker overall construction gives added security to wearers against objects falling on the feet, trips and falls.

The Cons

The weight of the Keen Utility Men’s 6 Inch Steel Toe is a bit of a concern which makes it practically unsuitable for folks working in indoor conditions for over 12 hours at a stretch. In fact, in mud and concrete it seems to grab hold of the surface residues because of the unique undersole design making it even heavier. This was probably the only disadvantage mentioned by the users but it also means that these boots are super durable and have loads of traction on every conceivable surface.

The Verdict

Not many work boots with a steel toe are comfortable enough to let your feet breathe in a couple of days and those that are tend to wear out quick. The Keen boots are not just comfortable with a fractional break-in period but also durable thanks to heavier construction, more material packed into heavy wear and tear areas. This added with its all-surface performance undersoles makes it a desirable proposition for any work surface. Besides, you don’t really have to pack in your feet with thicker socks or a couple of them in the first month, so you won’t feel the change in work boots when you switch over to these.


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