Five Best Slip On Work Boots

My dad always said it’s the smart workers who get the perks, bonuses and the promotions while the rest of us – the hard workers and the slackers, get the brunt and remain disgruntled for life. So why bother with laces when you can jump into a pair of slip on work boots and get on with your smart life? As for those addicted to laces, it’s time to “cut the cords.” Here are the five best slip on work boots to start off with.

5TH: Timberland PRO 53534 Titan Safety-Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Mens Titan slip on bootsErgonomic nylon shanks, breathable inner mesh, toughened front toe box with a contoured tread pattern all work together to hide the fact that these stylish semi-formal Timberland PRO Men’s Titan slip on work boots are actually designed to handle the toughest terrains possible. While not your full blooded protective footwear, they are the best slip on work boots for men who live a dual life, one on the work site and another of adventure. Weather resistance, oil and abrasion resistance, lightweight construction and an immediate break-in period are its additional advantages.

Best For: Light Protective Wear For Non-Work site Use.

Pros: Quick break-in period, great looks, awesome comfort and truly versatile slip on boots for men.

Cons: Feels a bit stiff to the sides for a week or so, no protection above the ankles.

Price: $86 to $125 on average.

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Carhartt Mens Romeo Slip On BootsDark brown tanned leather with soft fitting flexible insoles, 4 inch uppers, water, oil and slip proof construction, the Carhartt Men’s CMS4100 are a lightly built slip on work boots designed for an average boot user. It isn’t your typical work boot but more of a convenience boot to protect from everyday hazards. Expect long years of service, low maintenance and a lot of attention with the Carhartt’s traditional slip on design.

Best For: Daily Wear Light Protection

Pros: Traditional looks, go-anywhere performance, superior comfort and longevity.

Cons: Requires a week’s break-in period, not built for dangerous worksites and can irritate the ankles.

Price: $89 to $114 on average.

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Timberland PRO Men's Five Star Regent Work BootThe Timberland PRO Five Star Regent slip on boots are a classy addition to your footwear collection with sufficient protection for an above average beating out in the open but they are best enjoyed indoors where durability is a matter of providing long lasting comfort without sacrificing on the looks. Stretchable, pliable, stain and slip resistant, these thermal indoor slip on work boots are great for restaurant and hospitality workers who need to dress properly, yet stay comfortable on their feet.
Best For: Indoor environments, Casual wear and Short duration dry outdoor environments.

Pros: Great looks, excellent durability and superior 12 hours comfort.

Cons: Narrow fitting, lacks full waterproofing and isn’t electrical hazard resistant.

Price: $84 to $125 on average.

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Caterpillar Men Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe BootThe Revolver from Caterpillar is a smashing slip on work boot with featherweight Goodyear welt construction and long lasting comfort. Blessed with a ATSM approved steel toe, electrical protection and slip resistance, these slip on boots for men are what you would ideally want if you are looking for a graceful solution to 24 hours demanding activities over a plethora of dangerous terrains. Great overall protection and excellent construction at an affordable price make these boots a must have for all boot lovers.

Best For: Heavy duty construction and Electrical sites.

Pros: Durability is probably its best feature. Comfortable and lightweight, it is tight fitting too.

Cons: Not the easiest boot to break-in, requires a good week of regular use to break-in. Sizes are a bit larger than usual.

Price: $70 to $125 on average

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Timberland PRO Men's Helix Chelsea Slip On BootsThe numero uno in the slip on boots for men segment, Timberland PRO Men’s Helix Chelsea ESD Work Boot is what I would describe as being the celebrity of the work boot’s world. Full grain leather construction, antimicrobial mesh lining, ESD composite toe box, twin gore slip on entry, polyurethane midsoles and a rugged construction add to this special slip on boot’s glamour. Considering its price, it is a must have and my clear winner.
Best For: Low To Moderate hazard work sites, casual wear.

Pros: Superb styling, can be used as casual and worksite boots, high degree of protection and quick break-in period.

Cons: Lack of steel toe box and higher price tag.

Price: $118 to $121 on average.

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To Each His Own

Now, I know some of you might not agree with the manner in which I have rated the top five or even the slip on work boots I chose but let me be the first to point out that individual requirements will eventually decide the top boot for you. I believe in complete versatility where I have the ability to wear a boot to work, party, rain, sleet, snow, camping, bowling, vacationing and so on. Quite naturally, it is the Timberland PRO Men’s Helix ESD Chelsea Work Boots that stand out the most for their overall performance, durability and wear. However, the other four weren’t that far behind and actually trumped my personal favorite in one or two particular areas.

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