Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot

The Men’s Steel Toe CAT Revolver slip on work boots are your assured protection against worksite hazards and perennial discomfort. Blessed with Goodyear welt construction and steel toes certified by ATSM, these revolvers will never run out of ammo. But just because they are durable doesn’t mean they won’t be comfortable. Brown pull-up leather uppers with non-slip rubber outsoles and thicker cushioning helps keep your feet steady even on the most daunting of surfaces while the exterior steel toe Goodyear welt construction keeps you from falling over, bumping against hard surfaces or getting run over by a bulldozer. For those working in environments where the chance of exposure to electrical currents is high, the CAT revolver offers excellent electrical hazard protection.

The non-slip rubber outsoles are specifically designed to withstand slippery surfaces, be it chemical or oil. They also provide shock absorptive features with the aid of a PVC midsole that helps lighten the shoe a bit. For overall comfort, reliable protection and dependable performance, pick up a pair of these Revolvers today before CAT stops making them forever.

Some of the interesting features that make these Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boots special are:

  • Sizes available – 7 to 14 Men’s.
  • Aggressive Tread pattern with steel toe fronts.
  • Non-padded pull-out design.
  • Goodyear welt stitched down construction.
  • Rubber outsole and PVC midsole.
  • Electrical, heat and slip resistant.

The Pros

To start with, the Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toes are the best slip on work boots for everyday use, be it at the worksite or out shopping. You can practically wear it everywhere without ever once worrying about the leather cracking up or the boot deteriorating quickly. Goodyear welt leather construction seems to hold up nicely and with time, the crack marks on the top surface does add to the glamour. As for the fit, it is comfortable from the first day on and breaks in nicely over time. Can’t really comment on how well it treads yet but from my limited interaction with wet floors, its aggressive tread pattern holds good even on polished surfaces.

The Cons

Probably the biggest concern with the CAT Revolver Steel Toe slip on work boots for men is that they require a longer than normal break in period. While the boots were comfortable on the first day of wear, extended use produced an uncomfortable rub against the ankles a bit, which only worsened over the first week. Thankfully, by the end of the second week, the boots had broken in nicely and I no longer had to depend on band-aids and thicker socks. As for the size, these boots do run a little larger than usual so you might have to try a smaller size just to be sure, if you haven’t ever used slip on work boots before.


Slip on work boots for men usually tend to come with a tougher construction as they can’t be tightened ever. The Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boots hold out well over a period of time, are light and comfortable once broken in. With an aggressive tread pattern they are sure to outperform other boots outdoors and as for indoor activities, there is sufficient grip to not worry about slipping on wet sleek surfaces.


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