What Are The Best Work Boots Of 2014?

Our list of best work boots of 2014 aims to help in making the best choice for you and your feet. There are many things we demand from the products we buy. The more expensive they are, the better the quality we expect. Yet, more often than not, a price tag is not a definitive indicator of a product’s attributes. This reality rings especially true in the world of work boots. While in theory, a more expensive pair of boots is supposed to be better, in practice, one may find the same quality at a smaller price. With this in mind, here are our top five picks for overall best work boot of 2014.

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boots

Timberland Mens Pitboss Steel Toe BootThe Good: While safety is the number one concern in regards to work boots, that doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. The Pitboss pair offers both safety and comfort for your feet. The protective steel is up to the standards of safety while also leaving surprisingly enough room for the toe. They are made out of leather with rubber soles and can be worn for hours on end without taking their toll. The Pitboss can take a lot of punishment due to its sturdiness. With so many qualities, the Pitboss pair is one of the best picks one can take.

The Bad: While the steel toe itself became a staple when it comes to work boots, that steel can also act as a conductor. Although the Pitboss is a great all-rounder choice, one should take that into account. Though quite comfortable, Timberland is known to make these boots a tad wider than their usual, which means that narrow feet might not fit properly.

The Cost: Between 80 and 140 dollars.

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Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic 6″ Moc-Toe Work Boots

Red Wing Heritage Men's 8146 6-Inch Moc Toe Lug BootThe Good: This pair of Red Wings is again, both durable and comfortable. We are, after all, looking at the best work boots of 2014 and all such boots in this list should at least satisfy that demand. They are, predictably, leather, with a crepe wedge and a battered look straight out of the factory. They can be fitted with either cord or leather laces while the insoles can be easily swapped. Great for construction work but not only.

The Bad: While comfortable, they will take a while to break in while the initial insoles might be too hard for everyone’s taste. Then there’s the obvious high price tag.

The Cost: Quite expensive for this American pair, starting from 170 and going all the way to 300 dollars.

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Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boots

Caterpillar 2nd Shift Steel Toe BootThe Good: This pair is rather light compared to other steel-toe boots on the market, which makes for better maneuverability and a tad less precious energy spent at work without any cost to safety. The outsoles are slip resistant and the leather is full grain. The collar is padded for even more support.

The Bad: When it comes to people’s feet, there is no universal recipe for comfort, especially when it comes to practical footwear and these Cats could use more padding on their insoles for some.

The Cost: The small flaws are easy to overlook when we look at the price: a mere 55 to 105 dollars.


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Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Helix Safety Boots

Timberland PRO Men's 6 Inches Helix Safety BootThe Good: While safety and comfort are all well and good, this Helix model was designed with more than that in mind, particularly with shock-absorption, which they claim the pair is best at. Made out of waterproof leather and with hand-crafted soles, the Helix is ideal for working with concrete, or otherwise pacing back and forth on hard surfaces.

The Bad: Although the number might fit, these boots can still be too tight for the heels and ankles. There is also the risk of the stitches on the side to come undone, though it wont make them unusable.

The Cost: Between 120 and 180 dollars.

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Wolverine Men’s Corsair 6″ Work Boots

Wolverine Men's Corsair 6" Work BootThe Good: Although these Wolverines bring nothing new to the table, this pair is not to be ignored. The leather is waterproof and the leather full grain. The soles are made of rubber and the boots can handle all terrains. Its strong point stands in durability, since the Corsair can endure years of abuse before breaking down.

The Bad: Might take a while break in, or, of course, never. Since they are not custom-made with someone’s exact feet measurements, the common risk of being uncomfortable is present.

The Cost: Between 70 and 160 dollars.

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The Verdict

Picking a winner for best work boots of 2014 was difficult, but if we had to choose one we’d go with the Red Wing Heritage. Being that most companies allocate $200 per year for a set of boots, you should be able to pick up a pair in that range if you time it right. In addition to their durability and stylish good looks, the Heritage boot is hands down one of the most comfortable work shoes on the planet (after the break in period). With that being said, if you’re looking to pocket some of your work boot allowance and still keep your feet protected from all sorts of loads and materials while also being comfortable, you’re safe with any of our picks in the list.

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