Best Insulated Work Boots in 2013

Insulated work boots are a small step ahead of normal work boots due to the fact that they are manufactured with materials made to withstand sub-zero temperatures, hot and humid desert environments, and anything in between. These are your go-anywhere, do-anything kind of boots designed specifically to help your feet stay cozy all year long. They are in fact, ultra-dependable because of their perennial nature.

Red Wing 4401 Burgundy Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe boot

red wing 4401 work bootsA well known brand name among work boots, Red Wing is exactly what you would turn to if you wanted a reliable and dependable work boot. The Red Wing 4401 actually brings in a lot of features such as waterproof upper leather with Merlot Mesa leather and Thinsulate Ultra insulation (400 grams) using an 8 inch full grain leather welt construction. Besides, it is a steel toe insulated work boot with a foot bed that can be removed when it starts to feel uncomfortable. Designed specifically for any conceivable work surface it can withstand chemicals, abrasion, oil and gas or slip resistance. Made to handle electrical hazards it is covered by ASTM ratings too.
Pros: An all rounder in every department; provides true performance in the men’s insulated work boots segment.

Cons: Tends to run a little larger so order a smaller size than what you are used to.

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Wolverine Men’s Gold 6″ Insulated Waterproof Boot

Wolverine Mens 6 Inch insulated work bootsWhen you work hard your work boot ought to be able to do the same – Wolverine’s tag line for its Gold 6″ Insulated work boots summarizes exactly what this beauty has to offer in a short but expressive manner. Tricked out with laces, thinsulate insulation, a padded collar, rugged waterproof upper leather and a sole that can outlast any other, it is a boot you wear and forget. No matter the conditions, the Wolverine mens insulated work boots will keep your feet warm and away from water even in highly humid conditions.
Pros: Perfect all rounder for daily use in any climate or environment; Easy to maintain and stitched sole gives it a longer life span.

Cons: Slightly snug fit in the toe box area.

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Timberland PRO Men’s 65030 Direct Attach 6″ Soft Toe Boot

Timberland Pro Mens 65030 work bootsThe 65030 Direct Attach 6″ Soft Toe is probably the best pair of insulated work boots from Timberland yet. Rubber sole with premium waterproof leather, 200g thermolite insulation and full anti-microbial lining with nylon shock diffusion plates for torsional rigidity and support, this boot is a heavy duty performer. While great at overall ruggedness in every terrain and in any condition, it doesn’t last beyond a year probably because of its lower grade of construction owing to the cheaper price tag.
Pros: Affordable pair of insulated boots; Decent fit; Lightweight and comfortable.

Cons: Doesn’t last long at all and will require regular stitching of the soles or inners.

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So who cuts it as the best insulated work boots of 2013? It is the Wolverine Men’s Gold 6″ Insulated work boots that are definitely better insulated, well made and long lasting. The other two from Timberland and Red Wing aren’t bad either but they just don’t match up to all the frills on offer with the Wolverine insulated work boot.

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