Best Work Boots on a Budget

What’s a budget work boot? Is it dirt cheap or does it include the essentials at the right price? For me, work boots on a budget or cheap work boots implies affordable yet dependable footwear with the bare essentials. Work boots that feel rugged, comfortable and provide adequate protection only to deteriorate in a matter of couple of months might come cheap but they definitely don’t qualify as the best work boots on a budget. After a lot of searching around, here are my top three picks for work boots on a tight budget.

Timberland PRO Boots: Pit Boss EH Outlast Work Boots 33046

Timberland Mens Pitboss Steel Toe BootTraction and comfort, the two things you need out of a dependable work boot. The Timberland PRO Boots 33046 isn’t your expensive pair of work boots but it does the job of keeping you on your feet. 6 Inch Nubuck full grain uppers, Outlast sockliner that helps the fabric breathe, quick 90 second adaptation to outside temperatures, contoured footbed for additional support and comfort, rubber sole for abrasion resistance, slip resistance as well as oil resistance all translates to a better long lasting pair of cheap work boots.
Price: $88 – $115 on average

Pros: Most basic protections are all present such as abrasion resistance, electrical resistance and so on.

Cons: Tread wears out quicker than other Timberland boots.

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Wolverine Boots: Men’s Brown Briar 4378 DuraShocks Work Boots

Wolverine Mens Brown Briar 4378 DuraShocks Work BootsThe Brown Briar model from Wolverine boots isn’t a steel toe by any means but it packs in a lot of protective features with loads of interesting new technology to produce an affordable yet reliable boot. Rugged material, 6 inch lace to toe design, slip resistance, thicker outsole lugs and extra padding in the forepart and heel to help reduce work stress and absorb shock. These cheap mens work boots with Dri-Lex leather lining prevent abrasions and moisture from damaging its tread pattern while keeping your feet relaxed and comfortable. (The 4377 is the steel toe edition of the 4378.)

Price: $79 – $100 on average

Pros: Durability won’t be an issue, it lasts really long including the laces.

Cons: Construction is a bit light and doesn’t include heavy duty protection.

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Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Endurance 6″ PR Work Boot

Timberland Pro Mens 52562 work bootsOk so the Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 isn’t the cheapest solution for the budget conscious worker but considering how comfortable it is in the long run, it’s actually just as affordable as any other below $100 work boot. Rubber soles, full leather construction, Steel-Flex resistant plating, full grain upper design and rugged dependability make the PRO 52562 a must have for serious workmen. Did I mention that the design is a refreshing relief in an otherwise overpopulated monotonous segment?

Price: $99 – $160 on average

Pros: Complete protection and comfort, anyone can use it 24 hours of the day.

Cons: The sole wears out quicker than usual and will eventually fall apart.

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The winner is easy in this case and it goes to the Timberland PRO Boots 33046 for total dependability and ultimate protection at an affordable price. The other two, Wolverine and Timberland PRO are great in their own rights but when it comes to our pick for the best budget work boot, the PRO 33046 wins it hands down.

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