Top Work Boots For Electricians

When selecting the best work boot for an electrician, the Electrical Hazard rating is obviously the biggest deciding factor, but definitely isn’t the only feature that needs to be considered. The boots must also be durable, withstand the pressures of long working hours and be comfortable enough to not be a drag after extended periods. Concrete, tile, outdoors – you really never know what kind of surface you will be working on but one thing you can be sure of is that you need electrical hazard protection.

Based on the overall construction, durablity, electrical hazard features and customer reviews here are top four picks for work boots for electricians.


1st. Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Hudson W02194 Work BootFor nearly a century Wolverine has led the industry with innovations and technological reforms, which make it one of the premier work-boot brand names today. The Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 is an exclusive design for those who want a comfortable impression capable of withstanding rugged prolonged usage while ensuring protection against electrical hazards. Sturdy nylon shanks that help ensure the calf, ankle and knee muscles stay free from strain, full cushioned foot beds,  and comfortable and breathable airy PK mesh lining all add to its comfort and ruggedness. But this sturdy work boot is not just a worker’s first choice – thanks to its darker shaded laces, combination of full grain leather and suede like finishing – they are great for a night of fun and frolic. And yes, it features steel toes with Electrical Hazard certification as well as oil resistant soles for electricians who need a do-it-all work boot.
Customer Impression

Construction: Top notch quality with full-grain leather, oil and slip resistant, steel toe front, EH protection all parceled well in a tough heavy stitching gives it a superior lightweight feel.

Longevity: Last a good one to two years before needing replacement. Electricians working mostly indoors will find the Wolverine W02194 lasts even longer.

EH Rating And Feedback: Vouched and backed by electricians, these are truly electrical hazard resistant.

Overall Customer Experience: Neither too heavy nor too light, great long lasting work boots, perfect fit and easy break-in, superior construction, complete protection are some of the lasting impressions left in the mind of users. The Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 is definitely worth the money regardless of your profession although, they are ideal for electricians.

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2nd. Dr. Martens Burham ST Work Boot

Dr. Martens Burham ST Work BootGerman workmanship meets the real world consumer with the Dr. Martens Burham ST Work Boot. Made from high quality leather with manmade soles, the Burham ST is a work boot designed for longevity. The special outsole offers heat resistance to a maximum of 300 degrees C for over 60 seconds while being slip and fall resistant on really hazardous surfaces and its construction provides complete protection to the wearer from any kind of electrical charge or accidental contact by insulating the feet from the ground. The Steel toe cap also offers an impressive 200 J impact protection with 15KN compression rating.

Customer Impression

Construction: Some might think that because this Dr. Martens work boot is made in China, it lacks the superior construction seen in European made counterparts but those who have used it for long vouch by its steadfast build. While it does take a little longer to break-in, the tough insole and outsole with thick leather overalls protects against any conceivable hazard.

Longevity: Customers have on an average continued with their pair of Dr. Martens Burham ST work boots for over one and half years, opting to buy another Dr. Martens only because the last pair lost its shine. If looks isn’t what you are interested in, these boots can go on for over 2 years with ease.

EH Rating And Feedback: Thicker outsoles, specially designed to withstand electrical hazards and protect against slippery surfaces, including oil and chemicals – these Dr. Martens receive a lot of praise from electricians all over the world.

Overall Customer Experience: The overall feeling is that the Burham ST Work Boot runs a little smaller than conventional Dr. Martens work boots and while not as sturdy as European built Dr. Martens these are totally comparable to Wolverine and Timberland boots. The retro feel lends it a unique appeal and is also a leading reason for its popularity.

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3rd. Keen Utility Men’s Sheridan Insulated Work Boot

Keen Utility Men's Sheridan Insulated Work BootBest known for creating industrial strength work boots to counter anything that nature and humans can think of, Keen offers its Sheridan Insulated Men’s work boots with Electrical Hazard certification for electricians and assembly line workers who are most susceptible to electrical hazards. Made from nubuck, with a rubber sole, it exceeds ASTM F1677-96 Mark II standards for non-slip testing and also meets related ASTM standards for Electrical Hazard safety. These work boots pack in assymetrical left and right composite toes with lacing eyelets and metal locking hooks hiding underneath a waterproof and breathable membrane for extended comfort.

Customer Impression

Construction: Insulated, waterproof yet breathable mesh interiors, thicker outer leather, rubber sole with slip and oil resistant outsoles all make it durable. Above par stitching and excellent padding with ASTM standards followed ensure a long lasting work boot for electricians and commoners alike.

Longevity: Depends entirely on how one uses these work boots. Because of the use of breathable mesh lining, waterproofing material and the lighter nature of the composite toe, they can drag on for a year with heavy usage. Concentrated use indoors in congenial working conditions will however prolong their life by an extra year.

EH Rating And Feedback: Meets or exceeds ASTM standards meaning they are completely safe to use around electrical tools, machines and gadgets plus composite toe provides sufficient protection against drops and heavy objects.

Overall Customer Experience: The Keen Utility Sheridan offer up a comfortable, short break-in period experience comparable to leading Red Wing (super-expensive) work boots. Customers feel this work boot is perfect for all-weather indoor working conditions and for freezing winters, they offer decent protection for an hour tops.

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4th. Carolina Men’s 6-Inch CT EH WP 600-gram Boot

Carolina Men's 6-Inch CT EH WP 600-gram BootA brand new addition to the world of Electrical work boots, the Carolina Men’s CT EH WP 600 gram boot is a great way to stay protected from weather and electrical hazard at the same time. ASTM approved for electrical hazard protection, non-metallic composite toe and goodyear welt construction mark some of its highlight features while the waterproof 600 gram thinsulate insulation provides excellent protection in frigid conditions. This particular work boot features a removable polyurethane insole residing on a triple rib steel shank for greater comfort and customization.

Customer Impression

Construction: 600 gram construction helps fight cold weather and its thicker but breathable inner with removable sole provides for a high degree of customization and comfort.

Longevity: Ought to last over a year easy considering the 600 gram thinsulate material used. For exclusively indoor usage, these boots may even extend over two years before requiring a change of the insole or light stitching to the outsole.

EH Rating And Feedback: Surpasses existing ASTM standards for electrical hazard protection, plus the provision of composite toe and 600 gram thinsulate ensures complete isolation from any sort of electrical hazard.

Overall Customer Experience: Owing to its brand new image in the market, there are limited reviews for this Keen creation but going by the overall impression of Keen work boots, it is safe to say that these boots will match up and probably surpass expectations of electricians.

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