The Best Composite Toe Work Boots

Nothing can be tougher or more protective than steel, right? Modern technology now offers up alternatives to steel that are just as tough and at times, tougher than steel and these composite materials are slowly replacing steel toe boots. While composite toe work boots aren’t as cool to boast about as steel toe, they are definitely way more useful. For instance, composite toe boxes do not offset a metal detectors; neither do they conduct heat or electricity making them a better fit for electrical environments and indoor areas with metal detectors. Some say that composite material lacks the integrity of steel but over the years it has been seen that composite toe work boots have a similar impact and compression rating as their steel toe counterparts. Priced similarly, it only makes better sense to opt for composite. Did I mention that composite toe work boots are generally much lighter than steel toe boots?

Here are our picks for top composite toe work boots:

Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest 200 Gram Work Boot

Danner Men's Super Rain Forest 200 Gram Work BootMade in Oregon, the Super Rain Forest work boot from Danner features a nonmetallic safety toe made from fiberglass with matching shanks clad in tow full layers of heavy 200 G thinsulate leather all stitched tight with Gore Tex lining and triple seams.

What Customers Say
This particular Danner work boot has been around for well over 2 decades and the latest generation is just as well made as the first Super Rain Forest boot. Many ardent supporters of this particular boot vouch for its longevity continuing to use it beyond 6 to 8 years and thanks to the super comfortable feel, immediate break-in and double leather stitching, it is comfortable and easy to get used to.

Great For – Forests, Grasslands, Wet surfaces.
Price – $355

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Timberland PRO Men’s 6 Inches Helix Safety Boot

Timberland PRO Men's 6 Inches Helix Safety BootMan-made sole and cement construction with a TiTAN alloy toe box give the Timberland PRO Men’s Helix safety boot a lightweight feel with a decent amount of traction on just about any surface. The anti-fatigue technology ensures comfort and flexibility on hard surfaces for prolonged hours while its breathable mesh lining and guaranteed 30 days comfort ought to ensure quick usability.

What Customers Say
Comfort is the Helix Timberland’s biggest advantage although a few folks did feel the leather is too soft and tends to catch scratch marks and abrasions. Thankfully, the TiTAN alloy toe box is just as tough as a steel toe, enough to withstand a machete swing, heavy drops and much more.

Great For – Construction sites, welders, skyscrapers.
Price – $160

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KEEN Utility Men’s Tacoma 6″ Soft Toe Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Tacoma 6" Soft Toe Work BootCity streets, mountains, beaches all feel the same under the KEEN Utility Men’s Tacoma 6 inch Soft Toe Work Boot. HybridLife, the philosophy guiding this particular work boot’s design and construction ensures that you are able to take in the entire outdoors without having to worry about indoor hazards. This particular composite work boot packs in an asymmetrical safety toe which is a full size bigger than an average steel toe giving your smaller toes added protection and helping maximize mobility.

What Customers Say
Superior comfort is what you can expect from the KEEN Utility Tacoma although they aren’t as durable as other KEEN work boots and will start deteriorating by the end of a year. Great for hard floors, concrete and blacktop work surfaces, these boots unfortunately lose a little traction on wet slippery surfaces.

Great For – Carpenters, Concrete construction sites.
Price – $150

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Thorogood Men’s Heritage 8 Inch Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood Men's Heritage 8 Inch Safety Toe Work BootThorogood American Heritage 8 inch safety Toe boot boasts of a classic design with a tobacoo hued leather packed using cotton lining. It also features a feel free wedge rubber outsole and fiberglass shanks together with a shock absorbing footbed that maximizes traction even on slick or uneven surfaces. Capable of handling bumps, bruises, nicks, cuts and heavy drops from the front, the safety toe box does its job without packing any metal.

What Customers Say
Made in USA, sewn bottom tread, sturdy laces and top notch leather make this Thorogood creation a true masterpiece. You simply won’t find a dissatisfied customer where Thorogood is concerned and the Heritage collection is probably one of their top most demanded work boots range.

Great For – Mechanics, Garage Workers, Oil Refineries etc…
Price – $167

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Red Wing 4421

Red Wing 4421Metatarsal guards, which shield the top of the foot from heavy drops in a shop, are usually stiff, strap-on steel plates. A Red Wing 4421 ($180) integrates a flexible, invisible, impact-resistant membrane into the boot’s tongue.

The Metatarsal guard helps protect the foot from steep drops, heavy objects and cuts or bruises especially in a shop environment. They are stiff in construction and use strap on steel plates with a flexible, impact resistant membrane right at the tongue of the boot. These boots are lightweight and super friendly to use.

What Customers Say
Superior construction, loads of dependability and the perfect size, Red Wing 4421 is an affordable machinist’s work boot without the added weight or electrical conductivity of steel toe boots.

Great For – Machinists, Workshops.
Price – $185

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Wolverine Men’s Corsair 6″ Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Corsair 6" Work BootThe Wolverine Men’s Corsair work boots feature composite toe box with contoured edges and undersoles that help support the arches better. Pads all along the sole helps absorb impact and the abrasion resistant top layer of the entire work boot helps wrap the toe preventing scuffing during kneeling.

What Customers Say
Customers suggest that the Wolverine Corsair offers a decent degree of comfort with good stability and balance without actually costing as much as the DuraShocks. So if you don’t work 10 plus hour shifts and require a do-it-all kind of composite work boot then this is your best bet. They even look great with jeans and casuals!

Great For – Light Masonry, Casual wear and indoors.
Price – $163

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Give one of these composite work boots a try depending on what your work environment entails, you won’t ever want to return back to a steel toe again! Composite is the future and these work boots exemplify just that.

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