Blundstone 500 Slip On Work Boot Review

In this day and age, it is pretty obvious that boots are no longer made for mere work.  Rather, they are made to fit a person’s lifestyle.  Indeed, a good boot can look every bit as great for a breezy night out on the town as it can for a hard day of work.

Blundstone Boots understands the dual purpose of a modern boot.  As proof of this, all you have to do is take a look at their 500 Model.  Blending classic design with forward thinking technology, this sleek boot fits your needs perfectly, whatever your needs happen to be.

500 Overview

This slip on Blundstone boot model comes equipped with a classic, eye-pleasing aesthetic.  Yet behind its good look lay a piece of footwear that is sturdy, long-lasting, and immensely protective of your feet.  This combination is why the 500 Model is so fetching.  It is loaded with the kind of protective and comfort metrics that you look for in a work boot, but that functionality does not come at the cost of stylishness.

Protective Features


To say that your feet are protected in a Blundstone Boot 500 Model may be a bit of an understatement.  For one thing, the boot is highly resistant to heat, as it can withstand temperatures up to 284 degrees.  Additionally, it is resistant to organic fat, acid, and oil; if you work in an environment where contact with these types of substances could happen, this protective feature will help you go about your business with a significantly lower level of trepidation.  The boot also features a polyurethane (PU) midsole and a thermo urethane (TPU) outsole, which enables the boot to be resistant to water damage.

The midsole and outsole design also enables it to protect your feet from microbial attack, which in turn can protect you from the following issues:

Excessive foot odor
Athlete’s foot
Ringworm of the foot

In essence, Blundstone Boot’s 500 Model will not only protect your foot from outside forces, but will also safeguard you from nasty stuff that may happen to your foot inside an inferior boot.

Comfort Features

One of the essential features of any boot is to make sure your feet are at their optimal level of comfort as you wear them. Blundstone knows this, and they demonstrate this knowledge by deploying forward-thinking techniques to make sure the concept of aching feet is minimized.

The biggest way this is demonstrated is through Blundstone’s use of PORON XTD in the boot’s heel strike zone.  This innovative protection foam has the ability to firm up and absorb the shock of any stress that is caused by high-speed contact, all without sacrificing the feeling of soft comfort on your feet.  These shock absorbers allow for a significantly lowered feeling of stress on the feet, which in turn allows your feet to stay comfy much longer.  Additionally, the 500 Model comes with a fully removable shaped comfort footbed to give your feet an extra layer of coziness.

Ergonomic Features

In an inferior shoe, ergonomics may be treated as a bit of an afterthought.  However, Blundstone Boots’ 500 Model is certainly not inferior when it comes to this aspect.  Indeed, the shoe is engineered to make sure that your feet remain ergonomically sound with every step you take.  This is achieved by two main design features.  The first feature is an ergonomically engineered toe spring which helps to reduce fatigue, while the second feature is a steel shank that ensures proper step flex point, which in turn aids in torsional stability.  In short, these features guide your feet to move and function the way that they naturally should.  Of course, this is not only healthy for your feet, but it also makes your feet all the more comfortable, as well.

Stylistic and Durability Features

With all of the great protective and comfort-related features the Blundstone Boot 500 Model has to offer, it can be easy to overlook just how sleek the boot looks.  However, all it takes is one look at the brown premium leather boot to be reminded of just how eye-catching it is – something that makes it an ideal boot to step out in when you are at play.  And regardless of what you do or where you go, you can be assured that the 500 Model can take whatever you can dish out.  The lightweight boot is built to last, as design touches such as strobel slip lasted construction and reduced stitching exposure gives it a solid layer of long-term sturdiness.


In an era where more and more people are seeking out boots that are versatile enough to keep up with their diverse demands, the Blundstone 500 Slip-on boot presents itself as an ideal footwear choice.  From its innovative delivery of comfort to its aesthetically pleasing design, the 500 Model is perfectly equipped to handle whatever you choose to bring its way.

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