Five of the Best American Made Work Boots

What are the best American made work boots?

If you’re looking for tough, quality boots that are made in the USA and not China, then this article will take you through five of the very best. The brands I have chosen are Chippewa, Danner’s, Thorogood, Red Wing, and Wolverine, all which offer excellent boots manufactured completely in America.

This review looks at some all-round work boots that can hold up to the usual extreme conditions of on-the-field workplaces.

1st. Danner Super Rain Forest Non-Metallic Safety Toe

Danner’s Super Rain Forest Non-Metallic Safety Toe Work BootsDanner has been known to create very high quality boots in their Portland, Georgia factory but only a third of their line is made in America. The Bull Run range and the Rain Forest and Super Rain Forest work boots are made in America, unlike the Quarry boots that are made in China.

The Super Rain Forest Safety Toe boots have a leather-over-leather design with triple stitching for extra durability. GORE-TEX liners are used for insulation and waterproofing to keep the feet dry and warm. The non-metallic safety toe does not conduct heat or cold.


How the boots hold up to claims:

Users have found these boots extremely comfortable and cost-effective in various work environments. For those working long shifts in oil fields or steel mills, for instance, will find the boots are suitable for both everyday use as well as heavy industrial work. They are also comfortable for driving in. The lug-pattern on the Vibram soles provides good traction. The boots are long-lasting and the leather quality is excellent. The break-in is smooth and once broken in, the leather molds very well around the feet.

Cons: The boots are not for winter wear. In temperatures below 30F the soles freeze and become hard and unsafe. Also, some users may find the sizes run a little large and the arch supports are not very high. This seems to be a rare issue, however, as most users are happy with the fit and comfort provided by these boots.

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2nd. Chippewa Men’s 29416 Waterproof Insulated

Chippewa Men’s 29416 Waterproof Insulated Work BootsNote: Chippewa boot labels mention they are Handcrafted in USA’, which means that the leather preparation and other processes may take place in other countries.

Chippewa boots are the official boots used by the US Forest Service and handcrafted in the USA. This particular pair of boots is fitted with oiled leather uppers for waterproofing. The rubber outsole is thickly treaded, supposedly providing greater durability and superior traction.

How the boots hold up to claims:

The Ruby Dri-Lex lining of the boots holds up to all kinds of cold and wet weather, by keeping the feet warm. The boots are very easy to break in – it can take as little as a week to make them comfortable. However, care must be taken to lace loosely on the first day and only use moderately. The new boots can be stiff, which is a good sign of the quality of leather. However, once broken in, they are extremely comfortable.

As far as durability goes, the 29416 boots hold up to all kinds of rough terrain and weather exposure, ranging from the cold and wet of alpine lumber yards, wet and dry cycles of farming and exposures to grease, oil and road salts. With heavy use, the boots have been found to last 2 to 3 years without any maintenance.

Cons: For many users, interior linings can come lose in the space of a year. Also, while the overall durability of the 29416’s is phenomenal, the stock laces aren’t the greatest, so users should keep an extra pair or two handy.

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3rd. Thorogood American Heritage 804-4200 6-Inch Steel-Toe

Thorogood Men's American Heritage 804-4200 6-Inch Steel-Toe Work BootRegardless of the nature of the on-field job you have to do, you can trust Thorogood Men’s American Heritage shoes to make the work much easier and more enjoyable. This is a pure American work boot, where the upper part is made of vintage leather. The sole is thick, while the lacing system provides you with a firmer grip and secures the boots on your feet. The boot also ensures ample support to the ankle, so you never have to worry about sprains keeping you out of work.

How the boots hold up to claims

The boots are fitted with steel toes, while there is plenty of comfort on its inside, to ensure you are happy wearing them and not experiencing any hint of discomfort. The upper part of the boot is made of rugged oil-tanned leather, while the protective steel toe offers a lot of protection to your toes and feet while wearing them out on the field.

The inner lining of the Thorogood 804-4200’s is comfortable due to the presence of cotton drill vamp. Its MAXwear Wedge outsole ensures that your feet do not suffer lack of stability when out working.

The boots also offer best protection against shocks, and electrical hazards.

Cons: For many construction guys, they are tight on the feet, not offering as much space for comfort as one ideally requires.

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4th. Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Iron Ranger Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's 6-Inch Iron Ranger BootMany things make Red Wing one of the best five American boots of all time. A few of its top qualities include the fact that they are made entirely from leather, they boast of a cork sole, have an oil-resistant outsole, and enjoy welted construction. This particular boot is Handcrafted in America and is casual enough to wear any day of the week, regardless of where you are going.

How the boots hold up to claims

Its oil-resistant outsole ensures you never have to worry about damaging the boot when working in extreme conditions. It is a perfect wear regardless of the weather conditions around you during any time of the year. The contrast stitching makes this shoe one of the most handsome and the cap toe is both for protection as well as to enhance its attractiveness. The leather used on this boot is of premium quality, and you can wear it comfortably for many years.

When polished, the hooks and eyelets increase its beauty. Its non-marking soles ensure you can go with it to work, although it is better to avoid the most horrid working conditions, if you don’t want the supple leather to be damaged. Because of its high quality leather, you are never exposed to the environment. Each boot is roughly 24oz in weight. The contrast stitch on the boot increases its stylishness greatly.

Cons: Lacks adequate arch support, while the back of this boot lacks the requisite contour that must always feature on such types of boots. It’s more of a casual boot, and not ideal for heavy construction duties. Not to forget that they are large boots, therefore, you may need to buy half-a-size smaller.

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5th. Wolverine Men’s Northman 8″ Insulate Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Northman 8The main qualities that make Wolverine one of the best five American boots of all time include its premium quality leather, rubber sole, a footbed made of dual-density polyurethane, leather midsole, an upper part made of full grain leather, and Goodyear Welt construction. Two qualities that separate Wolverine from other boots include enduring craftsmanship as well as use of superior materials.

Wolverine boots also stand out from the rest in that they can withstand usage on the toughest environments and working conditions, as well as the inherent ability to provide comfort throughout the day.

How the boots hold up to claims

The boots are built for use in the toughest conditions, and this is helped by the presence of the steel toes. They are good for outdoor work, regardless of how extreme the weather conditions look. The outsoles and upper part of the boots are waterproof and oil-resistant. The dual-density polyurethane on the boot has improved its traction substantially. The lug rubber outsole gives the wearer a firmer grip irrespective of the surface.

The tough exterior of the boots, as well as the horween leather uppers make it mighty durable. It keeps your feet warm when the weather is chilly outside. The leather midsole and polyurethane foot bed help lend the boots additional comfort.

Cons: A number of wearers complain of imperfect seams on the boots, especially around the ankle area that cause blisters. Some wearers even suggest that the boots are extremely narrow.

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