Top 5 Most Comfortable Work Boots

Top 5 Most Comfortable Work Boots


It is not easy to look for the most comfortable work boots. Most people think that they are making a good buy but end up feeling uncomfortable by the end of the day.  Whether you are spending your day out in farmlands, on the jobsite, or in rainy weather, the last thing you would want is working with sore and tiring feet in some uncomfortable pair of shoes. Working shoes not only need to feel comfortable but also keep your feet safe from infections, bacteria and moisture.

With these thoughts in mind, we’ve scoured numerous contractor and construction websites and put together a list of the top five most comfortable work boots on the market today.

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Work 6-Inch Work Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Work 6-Inch Work BootYou get top quality here in these Red Wing Heritage boots made with stitched leather and a crepe sole for better grip. These boots are highly popular in the corporate arena. Boasting rugged and handsome looks, these boots will just work fine for you under any working condition and terrain. You will find them just perfect to work in corporate arena as well as rough terrains. The casual and durable design will suit your needs and the sturdy outsole will keep you keep your feet well protected and steady throughout the entire work day.

Buy Red Wing Heritage Classic Boots

Danner Workman GTX’s w/ steel toes

Danner Workman Work BootsYou will simply love that full-grain leather with a rich look and the triple stitching on the Danner Workman GTX’s toe boots. With a cushioned Vibram Duralogica outsole and a durable stitch down construction, these work boots are a symbol of sturdiness and strength. The hand crafted footwear in traditional design will offer long lasting durability and the expected performance both indoors and outdoors. These boots are 100% waterproof and very comfortable even in extreme conditions. When you buy Danner Workman, you are getting higher durability, greater stability and more comfort when working under any conditions.

Buy Danner Workman GTX Boots

Chippewa Men’s Vibram Sole Work Boots

Chippewa Men's Vibram Sole Work BootsA lot of Work Boots claim to be both “heavy-duty” and comfortable, but some of them really don’t cut it. Luckily that isn’t the case for the Chippewa Men’s vibram sole work boots. Now your feet can feel safe and comfortable while you work, thus adding to your productivity. The flexible leather covers your feet snugly, giving it the support where it needs. The Vibram outsoles make these boots slip-resistant and the oil-resistance keeps the tread from wearing out due to corrosive chemical agents. Wear these smart boots to work and work in great style and comfort.

Buy Chippewa Vibram Sole Boots

Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Contour Welt BootWolverine Welt Boots  

A product from Wolverine, the iconic American brand, the Wolverine Men’s Raider work boots  are a true example of timeless  and fine craftsmanship. Made to last even the toughest of environments and terrains, these bots are made to offer all day comfort. What makes these boots special is the MultiShoxTM Individual Comfort System that makes for superior comfort all day long. The mesh lining and full grain leather offer breathable and durable protection.

Buy Wolverine Raider Boots

Timberland pro endurance 6” Work Boots

Timberland Work BootsTimberland endurance work boots are built to deliver both safety protection and long-lasting comfort. Made of premium full-grain leather and a polyurethane midsole that uses Timberland’s exclusive Anti-Fatigue technology to absorb shock and return energy to the foot, the pro endurance boot will leaving you feeling as good at quitting time as you did when you stepped on the jobsite.

Buy Timberland PRO Endurance Boots


So there you have it, five of the top rated (comfort wise) work boots on the market today. If there is a boot that you prefer that isn’t on our list, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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Michael Soze is a husband, father, traveler and worker. From treading on dangerous terrain to providing comfort through the coldest winters and wettest summers, work boots are indispensable and form the soul of my writing at, you can catch me at Google+.


  1. Excellent article, Michael. I’m shopping for work boots with a $100 budget. I think I’ll check eBay.

    • Thanks for the kind words Dan. I will work on a “Best work boot by budget” piece that should help future readers find boots in their price range.

  2. I would like to see a review of the Romeo or Chelsea style boots. I’ve seen and heard them called both so I’m not sure the name. I’ve even seen australian work boot.

    I went looking for these at my nearest store and with at least 6 options and a confused salesman I left annoyed and confused. He said things like “this boot’s pull tab breaks off all the time” and “I don’t know anything about that boot”. I even noticed the stitching in one manufacturer to be tilted when looking at the back it seemed to be be leaning!

    I think your the man for the job! Good luck!

    • Brandon, do you know who makes them? Wolverine? Any info would be appreciated. Hopefully we can track down a pair and give a decent review on them.

      • Wolverine Durashocks are the best that I ever wore. I worked outside and inside 12 hr.days you name it. Looking for comfort give them.

  3. Do you have any slip on boots?

    • Mark,
      We will be reviewing our top rated Slip on work boots very soon. Continue to check back in and hopefully you’ll find a pair that suits your needs.

  4. Chippewa worst boots I ever had. They are expensive. Had a pair for 6 months the inner linning ripped called the company and now a year later still no resolution.They may be great boots but they are not customer friendly at all.

  5. Which of these boots will last the longest for a 335lb man and still be comfortable?

    • Ron: From our top 5 list, the Red Wings are hands down the best when it comes to durability.

  6. Is it a risk to buy any of these boots online? I just ordered a pair from rogans work boots but worry that I need to try on a variety of boots.

    • Rachel, great question. Most online sellers have a return policy that lasts anywhere from 3 months to 1 year in which you can safely exchange or return boots for a variety of reasons. I checked out Rogan’s website and it seems they have a policy such as the one I mentioned in place.

  7. Nice review Michael, do you have a review on workboots that are used primarily indoors on concrete floors? I’m an auto mechanic so I also need oil resistant soles. I wear redbacks (slip on style) not sure of model, these are the australian boots another reader mentioned (he was also asking about timberland). I’m looking to see a review on the most comfortable oil resistant boots for hard flooring. Thanks!

    • Andrew,
      Was already planning to put together a list of the top boots for concrete floors, will definitely take into mind those needing oil resistant boots as well. Coincidentally, I just finished a detailed review on my top picks for slip on boots and will be putting that up shortly.

      PS – I’ve heard great things about Redbacks but have never had the chance to try them out.

  8. DO YOU HAVE ANY MADE IN USA? if not i don’t buy it.

    • Mike,
      Actually recently reviewed the Chippewa 29416 boots and the Danner Super Rain Forest work boots. The manufacturers claim that both boots are made completely in America. Will post them soon.

  9. I bought a 3 acre homestead with 200 apple trees to enjoy for my retirement. I need to walk the fairly level orchard. I need a boot that can accomodate a leg brace. Any such boot available? I guess i can always buy next size up but was wondering if anything on market. Thanx

  10. You need a good review on the concrete wear boots
    I also am a mechanic ,do not need steel toe ,black is preferred,
    You know the drill. WILL be waiting for your review.

  11. Great articles, they’re all very informative. I’ve been researching to surprise my husband with a new pair of black work boots with optimal comfort since he already suffers from back pain. He is a mechanic so slip resistant boots are also a must. What do you gentleman recommend? As I mentioned the criteria I’m looking for is comfort, slip resistant, durable, and preferably black. Thanks so much and thanks for your detailed reviews.

    • Malorie,

      Merry Christmas! Sorry for the late response. We are actually in the process of finishing up a review of the top work boots for mechanics (which subsequently require all those criteria you mentioned). It will be posted sometime this week. Thanks for the kind words.

  12. What about Carolina boots??

  13. very surprised in all my searching not one website or peron mentions Lehigh boots… ive been wearing the model 5030 boots for years and are the MOST comfortable boot i have ever put on my feet… they are light, steel toe, oil resistant, eletrical safety and require no break in at all to be comfortable.. i feel like i have sneakers on my feet when i wear them… the coushin for the heel extendeds INTO the heel of the boot and is probably 2 inches thick.. please give them a try , and they are pretty inexpensive too.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Kevin, sounds like you found a winner. We are always open to trying new boots, especially in the sub-$100 range. Will try to get our hands on a pair and throw up an honest review.


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