Best Work Boots For Concrete Floors

Best Work Boots For Concrete Floors


Concrete floors are denser and compacted to such an extent that they do not flex under body weight. Even blacktop flexes under body weight although to a casual observer both, concrete and blacktop, will appear equally hard and unyielding. Only when one stands or works on concrete floors for 8 hours straight do they realize just how different this surface is. Add to this the distance covered and it becomes imperative to look at the boots you wear. In this post we will highlight five work boots that workers from all walks of life have lauded for their ability to maintain a suitable degree of comfort even after hours of activity on concrete floors. Neither is better than the other but based on customer reviews and construction quality, we have ranked them starting with the lowest at fifth.


5th. Carolina Men’s 8 Inch Insulated WP Composite Toe Logger


Carolina Men's 8 Inch Insulated WP Composite Toe LoggerCarolina boots are the epitome of careful construction packed with so many basics and then some more that they are probably the most suitable work boots for any type of surface. This along with the comfortable and soft inserts, thicker sole design and heavy protection make them suitable for concrete surfaces. Waterproof, slip, oil, heat, abrasion, chemical and metal chip resistant, composite toe box, moisture soaking footbed, steel shank support, PU midsole design and a durable construction are this boot’s other enticing features.

What Customers Say

Those who have worn this boot comment on its longevity and comfort. Five years is a really long life for any work boot and especially so for concrete surfaces. The first thing to notice with the Carolina Men’s Composite Toe Logger Insulated WP work boot is its softer insides with a hardened exterior flanked by a composite toe box and a steel shank. Some did find it difficult to break in but with time it will mold to the shape of your feet.

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4th. Timberland PRO 52562 Endurance Work Boot


Timberland PRO 52562 Endurance Work BootAs a six inch work boot fitted with a thick rubber sole, abrasion resistant double toe rubber and full leather construction, the Timberland PRO 52562 makes for a comfortable set of concrete work boots. Meeting CSA standards, it features full grain leather uppers and a flexible steel flex resistant plate that provide sufficient protection from drops and accidents while the comfortable insoles helps stay on your feet for longer regardless of the toughness of the surface.

What Customers Say

Frankly, if you are serious about finding the most comfortable work boots for concrete and really don’t care for anything else, the Timberland PRO 52562 is a perfect choice. Many customers purchase it just for the comfort it provides even though these boots tend to split apart and breakdown in a matter of months. The 52562′s aren’t waterproof (those working in wetter environments can check out the 47591 boot) so expect a bit of moisture absorption, wetting in puddles and on wet surfaces. Nevertheless, comfort is its number one or rather only forte.

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3rd. Wolverine DuraShocks® SR Direct-Attach 6″ Boot


Wolverine DuraShocks SR Direct-Attach 6 BootAn iconic American brand, Wolverine brings together the superiority of high quality materials with timeless American craftsmanship. The DuraShocks SR Direct-Attach 6 inch work boots are testament to the indigenous quality of Wolverine and they pose as the perfect choice for concrete floors with full grain leather uppers, 3D OrthoLite footbed for superior comfort and a polyurethane midsole matched to the same quality outsole over Durashocks SR compression pads. In other words, this steel toe Wolverine is a beast bred for the harsh environment of concrete jungles.

What Customers Say

“These boots are astonishingly much more comfortable than my hiking boots!” – what more can you ask from a pair of work boots? The soft padded inners, patented compression pad design and overall orthopedic construction of the DuraShocks SR Direct-Attach 6 inch makes this a trusted Wolverine for concrete. In fact, most customers vouch by their Wolverines when it comes to hard surfaces and long working hours.

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2nd. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer 6″ Contour Welt / Waterproof Boot


Wolverine Men's Buccaneer 6" Contour Welt / Waterproof Boot10 to 12 hours of regular use is nothing for the Wolverine’s Buccaneer 6 inch waterproof boot. This sturdy boot offers extreme flexibility in every step thanks to the use of Contour Welt construction and thick footbed construction. American craftsmanship at its best, it features wave mesh lining, waterproof full grain leather overalls with a removable MultiShox full cushion insole and PU lightweight midsoles for a higher degree of comfort customization.

What Customers Say

While some say it is perfect for outdoor activities and long hours on forest and grasslands, others vouch by its flexibility for hardened surfaces. Many construction workers prefer this 6 inch boot over other brands and models for its superior flexibility and thickened insoles suggesting its ability to handle over 10 to 12 hours of extended concrete abuse. In short, Wolverine Buccaneer is a safe bet for concrete floors.

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1st. Red Wing Heritage Men’s 8146 6-Inch Moc Toe Lug Boot


Red Wing Heritage Men's 8146 6-Inch Moc Toe Lug BootRed Wing is probably the most trusted of all Made in US brands when it comes to style and comfort. Be it outdoor or indoor activities, casual or construction work, a Red Wing is always well received and appreciated. The 8146 Heritage Moc Toe Lug Boot might look old school but it packs in every inch of comfort and flexibility enhancing feature that Red Wing has ever introduced. With an adjustable fit using traditional lacing, moc seamed toe for refined feel, thicker Vibram outsoles for traction and a tightly padded insole, it boasts of dependable styling nestled within a rugged look. EVA midsoles add to the comfort levels while Welt cement construction increases durability.

What Customers Say

Unlike the other four work boots discussed above, these Red Wings aren’t the most comfortable from the word go. They take their sweet time to break in but once they do, you won’t find any other boot comfortable or flexible enough. Customers suggest trying one size smaller as they tend to run slightly larger and giving it a good two weeks to settle down. The construction is heavy duty and hence stiffer at the beginning but with time they soften up and remain so for years to come. Many in fact have purchased the 8146 more than once as they feel no other brand or model comes close to the prolonged comfort it offers on concrete and hard surfaces.

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The Verdict


Quite frankly, Wolverine and Red Wing wins the battle for best work boots for concrete floors but if we were to choose only a single boot based on durability, comfort and usability, it would be the Red Wing 8146. The two Wolverines came in a close second and lost out only because of the popularity of Red Wings among concrete floor workers. Our advice: visit your closest work boots seller and try out at least a few of these before deciding for yourself but if you can’t then don’t fret much as all the five are a good bet as far as comfort on concrete floors goes.

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